Alongside my Chinese dragon, working part time with my knitter and answering emails and interviews I've been knitting orders. Mainly foxes but I've also made a couple more Studio Ghibli knits which I wanted to share. With the Totoro I was asked to leave the mouth off of him, so he looks super cute, as well as a little rounder. The patterns almost perfect so soon I'll be sharing it! 

My mother also walked past a closing down shop which were selling mannequins, so I've finally got my own to model my scarves. All I need is some time to photograph the foxes, as usually I dash out to post them before I get a chance to. 

I also purchased a new domestic knitting machine, which is ever so exciting. I've never really used a punchcard so my Nan spent a day with me where I learnt the basics. I've finished making my first punchcard and am half way through knitting a scarf with it. So my next post should be all about it, along with the turbans I've been making.




Louise Walker

Louise Walker is an award winning knitting pattern and kit designer based in South London.

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  1. I signed up to follow recently and am happy to view your lovely projects.