This is the final post on my Christmas knits, but as I've just started a new job where I can hand knit all day I'll try and make just as many little creatures. And once I've tested those patterns I'm planning to post more on here. A website is in the works also, so keep watching this space! 

Todays post is on a few pooches I made for clients, two small toys dogs and a scarf. I used some of my favourite yarns, including Sidar's softspun gold wool, with its lovely metallic element. My little square of black felt came in useful for the eyes and noses again as I felt it gave the golden dog quite a fun expression, and made the scarf childproof. I am more of a dog person, but sometimes I think cats are easier to knit! My no-face is just about finished so he'll be up on here soon, today I also brought My Neighbour Totoro on DVD (I rarely buy them) so maybe I'll be inspired to make some more Totoros as I'll be watching that tomorrow!




Louise Walker

Louise Walker is an award winning knitting pattern and kit designer based in South London.

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